...to provide our clients with high quality, comprehensive veterinary care in a more compassionate, humane, and empathetic manner....



let our Mobile Clinic Come to You...





Going to the veterinary clinic is not easy for either you or your pet.  Most dogs and cats have this uncanny sense of the pending visit making it difficult on both of you.  We avoid the stress and inconvenience of a trip to the doctor by bringing those services to your home or office.


Let Us Make your pet's visit Easier...


We offer the same full service you'll find at any clinic including vaccinations, complete medical exams, heartworm checks, heartworm checks, dental exams, acupuncture, euthanasia services, fecal exams and lab tests. We also can perform minor surgeries such as spay or neuter - allowing your pet to recover in a comfortable atmosphere.



Our clinic is based out of Littleton, CO.  Typically, we are servicing west of I-25 to C-470, and south of 6th Avenue to include the Highlands Ranch and Roxborough communities.  However, exceptions have been made for multiple pet situations, referral clients and situations of at home euthanasia.  Please call for more information if you have questions.  Our trip fees may vary depending upon your situation.  We do not have set hours of operations.  Our hospital is designed to be convenient for our clients, and for that reason, we are able to be flexible offering visits by appointment during a variety of days and times.  Our phones are manned typically between 8 am and 5 pm during the weekdays.  We accept cash and checks only.



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